Caravell Ltd, the commercial refrigeration supplier, has been started again by Hans J. Jensen and Kassem Traboulsi in the same large warehouse (100,000 square feet) in Buckingham, where it used to be.

Caravell Ltd was the largest commercial refrigeration supplier in the UK of plug-in units,
which were sold to the independent retail shops, restaurants, service stations and coffee shops. In 2008 Caravell Ltd was sold to the Austrian manufacturer AHT, and the Caravell name stopped being used in the UK and slowly most of the Caravell products stopped being sold in the UK.

Hans J. Jensen started Caravell Ltd in the UK in 1983 with 1 employee, and build it up to a company with 100 people employed and a multi million Pound turnover. In 2005 he was part of a management buyout, and when in 2008 Caravell Ltd was sold to AHT he was retained by them until December 2010, when he retired.

The “ “ website has been reopened again, where both previous best selling models and exiting new models can be seen. We hold 1 million pounds of stock in Buckingham so that Caravell Ltd can make sure that all the customers can get the units, which has been missing from the UK market for several years.

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